Saturday, March 19, 2011


Kayla & Courtney both got their nestboxes the other day. They're both due the beginning of next week. Kayla has been nesting like crazy, so I'm glad to see that. I'm just hoping that Courtney will have no problems and pass the mummified kit(s) from last time.

I'll be taking new pictures of Krissie's babies tomorrow, Lord willing. They are looking quite promising!

Diamond's spotted broken baby.

And then one of her heaviest patterened babies :).

One of Rum's babies peeking out of the cage. They are at the wild 2 wk old age.

Another of Rum's fat babies.

I thought this was a cute picture. Both Diamond & Rum nursing their babies at the same time in the morning...

One of Abby's broken babies.

And the pile of Krissie's babies :)!

How close together can you get?!