Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tulsa State Fair rabbit show

Friday-today was the Tulsa State fair rabbit show. I dropped the 6 rabbits I showed off Friday evening, as it was a cooped show. They showed yesterday (Sat.) and today (Sun.). I had someone show them for me yesterday, as I couldn't be there. But, I was able to show them there today.

They did awesome yesterday and I'm so glad the Hubler family was able to get them up to the table for me - thanks again guys :)! There were a lot of mini lops and a lot of rabbits in the whole show - 1,100 entries total (Open & Youth). So, the results are:

Hoppin's Abby (brkn chocolate) took 1st – which should get her her 1st leg!
Hoppin's Landon (brkn chocolate chin – Abby’s brother) took 1st – which should get him his first leg too!
Hoppin's Diamond Fizz (bk chin) took 2nd
Posey's Cameron (chin) took 2nd
Hoppin's Kahlua (chestnut) took 11/17 – not surprised by that, as she’s a very petite 12 wk old doe. She makes weight, but is just a small little thing.
Hoppin's Jordan (pointed white!) took 5th/17 – so excited by that placing, as he’s barely 12 wks old. I really expected him to be almost last in the class!

Today they didn’t do as well. I heard from several breeders that the judge who they were judged by today is like that – not too great on posing rabbits, I guess, oh well. But, anyways, Diamond got 1st today (not sure if she’ll get a leg for that or not, but I don’t think so, as the classes were smaller today). Today the others got: Cameron 3/5, Jordan 3/6, Abby 5/6, Kahlua 10/11, Landon 6/6 (yeah, totally opposite compared to Saturday, oh well!).

Open Mini Lops were done judging by 11am or so, but we couldn't check out until 3pm. So, we had a lot of hanging out to do, which was fine, as I got to talk to a lot of breeders and meet new breeders. I had several people say "Oh, you're Qadoshyah?!" and they were all glad to meet me finally and complimented my mini lops, which was nice. One breeder, I'm not even sure who she was, since I didn't get a chance to ask her her name...but she obviously knew who I was! I met Pennie Grotheer, the Secretary/Treasurer for the MLRCA, so it was nice to finally put a face to her name. Also got to meet a couple other mini lop breeders I hadn't met yet...both in open & youth.

While we didn't get any pictures of the rabbit's a couple pictures of the petting zoo area that was just a few feet from the rabbit area. This was my first time at the TSF...such a HUGE fair, with so much to see. We looked around only a little bit.