Monday, October 18, 2010

10 day old picture time!

The 3 litters are all about 10-11 days old now and they are all doing great. Kadence's litter is by far my favorite just because she has two GORGEOUS solid chocolate chestnut babies. I hope they'll be typey little babies (so I can keep one!), as that color is always SO pretty!

Without anything further, here are the pictures....

Kaylee's litter....see the two magpies?

One of the Magpies:

Jana's litter:

Jana's foster baby from Kadence:

Kaylee being a total goofball....I just had to include this picture :)!

Kadence's litter:

Kadence's little bk chestnut .... such a big head on this little guy!

One of her chocolate chestnuts:

The two together:

And the other chocolate chestnuts:

Such an adorable little baby!