Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today I had a family from Texas come up who's just starting out in the mini lops. They came up to get Hoppin's RB2 - Rose's broken lilac jr. doe. But, also were going to look around to see what I had. So, this morning I looked through all the buns real good to see what some of the juniors looked like and if there were any others I could let go.

Well . . . I decided to let Daiquiri go. He's been my herd buck for the past couple years and has given me a lot of nice babies! I had been thinking of letting him go for the past year, but I didn't have a son that I thought was nice enough to replace him. When I kept Brantini from the litter with Chocolate X Daiquiri in January, I thought he might end up being a good replacement. Well, he has finally filled out and looks like an awesome replacement. I have already had a couple litters out of him, so he is proven also. These are just some of those hard decisions that have to be made when you raise animals. It's always good to move on with new blood.

So, this family also went home with Daiquiri. They should have a nice start in their herd! Daiquiri was only 2 1/2, so he wasn't too old yet. I figured it'd be good to move him on before he got old and I decided to retire him like I have his brother, Striper & his dam, Truffle.

I will try to update the website sometime in the next few days.

~ Qadoshyah