Monday, December 1, 2008

Been a busy week!

It's been a busy week, which is the reason for the lack of updates. With the holiday and all, things were pretty crazy.

I was going to breed some does after Thanksgiving, since I have a few who I should breed before they get any older (especially Jenny - she's 16 months old! YIKES!!!!). But, some plans have changed and I will be making a trip out to California the end of December. I'll be gone for a week or a week and a half probably. So, breeding these does is being put off for a couple weeks. I really don't want my family to have does due while I'm gone - especially first timers. First-timers + COLD weather = possibly a bad deal, if not prepared!

Speaking of my trip to California . . . I will be able to transport rabbits that I have available out there for $20/bunny. My cousin did this before on one of his trips out to California, so this should work out just fine.

The rabbits are all doing great still. The weather was pretty nice last week, but it's very cold now. It even snowed yesterday (although it snowed all day it wasn't cold enough to stick much)! So I'll probably be dealing with frozen water bottles tomorrow . . . it was 30 degrees outside & 32 degrees in the barn around 9:30pm tonight - gonna be a coooollllddd night.

Kiss' baby is a VERY odd color and I have no idea what color it is, as it certainly looks like a color that is not possible out of Kiss X Justin. I'll get pics of the baby up soon hopefully.

Sugar's babies are all doing great still and they are so adorable!

Rose's broken lilac doe is on hold for Justin & his family. Brandy's charlie chocolate buck is sold. Rose's broken lilac buck is on a temporary hold at the moment also. The other babies & senior doe are available still as of right now though.

I have also had a hard time doing much online because our internet (DSL) has been acting up a lot the last week. It is still acting up right now . . . the service guys have been out 3 times already and it hasn't fixed it yet. So they'll have to try something else I guess!

More later hopefully,
~ Qadoshyah