Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bred some does

I finally got to breeding some does today. The weather is a little bit warmer (in the 30's instead of the teens ;)) today, so it was bearable in the barn.

I bred 4 does today and will breed 2 more tomorrow, Lord willing.

Let's see, they are . . . .

Hoppin's Brantini X Hoppin's Clara
Hoppin's Josh X Hoppin's Tatianna
Silent Springs Kaden X Milkhouse's Jenny
Kasomor's Mr. Deckles X Hoppin's Kristen

I don't think Tatianna will take, as Josh only "got her" once, but I'll probably wait to try her again until I can palpate her. I plan on breeding Tara to Kaden and Totsie to Deckles or Laci to ????? tomorrow.

~ Qadoshyah


The Kings said...

Hi, I found your post on rabbitrelay yahoo group. I love reading your blog! Your bunnies are gorgeous, I look forward to seeing the litters next month.:-)