Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's happening here . . .

I put Kiss' nestbox in today, since she is due in 3 days. I drew a blank and forgot to put it in yesterday, as I normally put it in 4 days before they're due. But, I don't sweat it if I am a day or two "late."

I hope she has them during the day or before I go to bed, since I am guessing she will have them out of the box. I am hoping otherwise. Maybe it will be otherwise, since her dam, Caramel, has always been an excellent mother (even for her first litter). The weather is soooo cold (freezing at night), the babies are sure to die if she has them out of the box and I can't get to them fast enough.

Deckles is doing great! I heard a lot of rabbits got sick from convention and he was one of them unfortunately. I started him on 2/10 cc per lb of LA-200 this past Tuesday (just a couple days after I got him) and he was looking better within a couple days. His nose is completely clear today, so we'll continue the LA-200 for 3-5 more days just to be sure. I'm SOOO thankful that he is clearing up. I was dreading having a bad outcome, since he is such a great little buck and *exactly* what the pointed whites need!

I'll post some pictures up here in a bit hopefully. Working on resizing them right now . . .