Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm still here!

A lot has gone on in the past couple weeks. I'll be updating the site in a few minutes, so check it out.

Sugar had 7 babies on Nov. 1st. She's been a good girl, as usual :). All her babies are doing great. She has 2 charlie lilacs, 1 charlie opal, 1 broken lynx (w/ milk dipped ears :)), 1 brkn lilac, 1 opal & 1 lilac. Her litter is FULL of lilacs this time, thankfully! Hopefully there will be a baby or two in this litter to replace her. I may retire her after this litter, even though she is a wonderful doe and gives great babies. I really don't want to sell her, as I am going to be really picky who gets her if I do sell her. So, I may retire her and give her to my cousin who lives across the street from us :). Will be a good home and I don't have to keep her in one of my cages!

Kiss is due the 19th. I am really hoping she will be a great mother, since I don't have any other does due at the same time. Yikes! I normally don't do that with first timers. And of course it's my finicky Kiss, who I will not be surprised if she has the babies on the wire. I just hope it isn't too cold then, but I doubt that'll happen.

Kaden is starting to blossom and mature. He's certainly a slower maturing buck, as he is 5 months old and his head & body are JUST starting to come in :)! I'm glad to see him starting to look good though. Still no time for photos of him, but hopefully soon.

Josh finally looks like he is done growing & maturing. He has developed VERY nicely. I'll try to get some pictures this week. He has a great head on him . . . I'm impressed with how nice it has turned out.

Justin is just beginning to fill out. He is another slower maturing buck! He needs a head molt BAD and needs to fill out in his body. Speaking of his body, it has turned out really nice so far. I'll work on getting pictures of him too. He just needs more mass now. I really think the move from California threw some loops in the maturation of my juniors, particularly my 3 junior bucks - Josh, Justin & Dallas.

Dallas is okay still . . . I've been giving him time, but I'm not too sure that I like how he is turning out. We'll see what happens with him.

Caramel is sold and will be leaving with my cousin for California this week. 2 of Brandy's babies will also be leaving for California. One is going to an awesome pet home (to be spoiled ROTTEN!) and the other is leaving for a 4-H family.

Heather is back up for sale, as the person who bought her decided to go with Caramel instead. Heather is a nice young senior doe who should produce some nice babies.

Junior & Milky both made it to their new homes safe & sound - in Oregon & Michigan.

I picked up my convention bunny bright & early Saturday morning. He is doing good so far. He's very out of condition, but we'll get him back to condition soon, Lord willing. He's absolutely ADORABLE!! Deckles has the biggest head I have EVER seen on a mini lop - so cute! I'll get pictures asap!

The weather has really taken a turn the past few days. It is pretty chilly here. Freezing or close to it at night and in the 50's during the day. If there's no wind, it is beautiful during the day. But, when that wind comes up, it's FREEZING! The barn stays about 4 degrees warmer with the 8 outside tarps down, so not too bad.

The leaves are off of almost all of the trees now. We had a small hailstorm with crazy winds on Wednesday night, so it took off A LOT of leaves! Here's a few pictures of the fall colors on our property from about a week ago - before the storm ;).

That's all for now . . .

~ Qadoshyah


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Mr. Deckles :).