Monday, March 4, 2013

We have babies!

Everything has been going good with the bunnies. I just keep forgetting to blog here. It's been a crazy month with the weather. We've had warm days. Then snow. Then ice. Then rain. Then hail. Then cold. Then thunderstorms & lightning. It's been up and down like crazy.

We also have two new litters! Malia had a litter of 8 (5 live) on Feb. 24th. And then Abrielle had a litter of 7 (6 live) on Feb. 25th. Lots of chocolates, lilacs, a few blues and even a black.

I also got my membership renewal packet from the AMLRC a couple weeks ago and found the new business card inside. It has two pictures from my rabbitry on it. Pretty cool :)!