Friday, March 29, 2013

Feed Change

Well, it's been a rough few months in the bunny barn, although I haven't said much. It may be obvious if you have followed my rabbitry for very long. But, I've had an extreme lack of babies since the fall. I've had 3 litters born live (plus 2 DOA litters) since October.  I've bred the does over and over again. They are all doing their job - bucks are breeding, does are lifting. But, they are not taking. It's been very frustrating. 

After so long, I decided to switch feeds. I did some research and decided not to wait any longer to see if it was just the winter months. So, it's been about 2 1/2 weeks now since I started the switch to Manna Pro 16%. So far, so good. Since the PenPals is not mixed in with the Manna Pro anymore, the rabbits are not digging through their bowls looking for the Manna Pro, instead of the PenPals. So, I plan to give it a couple months and see how they do. Lord willing they will all start taking. If they don't, well, I'll be switching feeds again. I absolutely cannot stand switching feeds, as I know it's hard on the rabbits and takes some time to get them adjusted to it. But, I'm hopeful.

The babies are all doing well. They are 4 1/2 weeks old right now and so much fun. 

Justin is an absolute doll and is so much fun to have running around the barn!

I'll close with just a couple cool pictures from around the ranch. It's finally spring-like weather, since it was snowing and freezing last week. But, it's Oklahoma, so could change at any minute :)!