Friday, January 13, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

There are about 40 babies in the barn right now! I'm very thankful for that!!

Quadra just kindled to a litter of 8 big, fat, healthy babies this morning. She has 4 brokens and 4 solids - sired by Donovan (brkn chocolate chinchilla).

Renee kindled to a litter of 6 beautiful babies on the 10th. She has several solid agoutis, several solid selfs or steels and 1 sable chinchilla - sired by Jaxon (sable steel).

Abilene was also due the 12th and she was bred to Lam. But, on the 10th, I found 6 big, fat healthy looking babies all born dead in her box. She had made a nice nest and everything for her babies, I felt so bad for her. I'm very disappointed though because it was my last chance to have anything out of Lam. I think it had something to do with Lam though, as his litter before this one (born in Sept, I believe it was) was also born 2 days early by Krissie and all were dead. Praise the Lord anyways!

But, the rest of the babies and bunnies are doing good!

Kibbles babies are 2 weeks old now and I need to get some updated pictures. These pictures are from about a week ago or so.

She has 1 lynx, 1 brkn lilac chinchilla, 1 brkn chocolate chinchilla, 1 brkn chocolate, and 1 brkn chocolate chestnut. The solid lilac that you see at the top of the picture below passed away unexpectedly this morning (it must've been a fader).

Her 3 little chocolates :)

Her brkn lilac chinchilla. A total cutie.

The brkn chocolate.

I thought I would take a picture of Lam's 3 daughters that I kept from his litters that I had while he was with us.  From L to R (youngest to oldest): Golden Cadillac, Lexus and Millie. All 3 are gorgeous girls.

Here's a recent picture of Lexus. She's a rock-solid beautiful girl, don't ya think?!

And miss Goldie is a beauty also!

Here's a picture of Goldie and Escalade (my one buck out of Lam) next to each other. He's quite a character and it was hard to keep him still in this picture (next to a doe!). His head is still coming in and he's still filling out, but I think he will look just like his dad (except in a different color) when he's fully mature.

That's about all for now!