Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Babies, Bunnies & Video!

Okay, well, life has been busy here. I just have not had much time to blog lately...between working on websites and campaigning for Ron Paul, and then just life, it's been busy.

Here are a few pictures of my litters. They are all getting SO big! Kibbles babies are doing great and I am a week overdue for getting their 3 week pictures up on the site. I have them all taken, they just aren't online yet! Quadra's & Renee's babies are all getting big too. And Abby had a nice litter of 3 last week!

Here are a few pictures of Kibbles babies:

I thought this was a funny picture! The cat wasn't too sure what this little thing was checking her out :) (she's good with the bunnies and doesn't bother them).

One of Quadra's babies!

Landon has been getting some exercise time in the x-pen, since he has gained a little too much weight!

I also wanted to share a music video which my sister put together (the song is written and sang by some friends). She did an amazing job!



Emily said...

Ahh they're ADORABLE!! I used to have a whole bunch of rabbits when I lived back in good 'ol Rhode Island!


Advanced Health said...

The bunnies are very cute. Nice layout on your blog. Keep up the good work ~

Anonymous said...

Ok your bunnies are incredibly cute, so jealous!