Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lots of babies and long overdue update

Just a quick update here:

Quadra's babies are 6 weeks old now. They are adorable little guys. The buck is available and he is very promising (he's the one in the first picture). I am planning on keeping the doe at the moment (the second two pictures).

What a deep little doe!

Abby's babies are 4 weeks old now and so, so, adorable! She has two chocolate chinchilla does and a 1 broken chinchilla buck.

This little doe below is the one I want to keep from Abby's litter :). She's got a monster of a head right now, so we'll see how her body looks in a couple weeks.


Ginger's litter of 6 is almost 2 weeks old. She has 3 opals and 2 chestnut agoutis.

Kahlua's litter of 7 are almost 2 weeks old. She has 4 opals and 3 chestnut agoutis.

Rum's litter of 7 CHOCOLATES are almost 2 weeks old. They are so adorable. It's nice to have a whole litter of chocolate colors.

Even self chocolates...finally :)!

Krissie is due today with Escalade's first litter. Kibbles and Kate has been bred to Escalade as well. Lam has been a little slow lately, but I'm hoping to get some does bred to him soon.