Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well, Krissie kindled to a litter of just 2 a week ago. Normally she has 11, so it was a bit disappointing to just see 2. But, at least she had a nice healthy litter. They are some FAT babies, since she normally raises 11 by herself with no problems!

One of Ginger's little opals. Ginger's, Kahlua's and Rum's babies are now 3 weeks old, so they will be getting their individual pictures this coming week, Lord willing!

One of Kahlua's little munchkins! Her babies are so chubby!

Rum's babies are quite the entertainment bunch. They are so funny...jumping in and out of the box all day long and so playful :).

This is the little doe I'm keeping from Abby's litter. I've wanted to keep this doe since the day she was born. She's beautiful!