Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Website, Babies & Pictures

 The bunnies are doing good and staying pretty warm in their insulated barn :).

Got the website updated today. You can check it out here.

Silence kindled to a litter of 6 on the 28th of December. All are chestnut agoutis and chinchillas. I think a couple of the chins are seal chins, but we'll see for sure in a few. Here are some pictures of Silence's litter:

I was out of town for about 5 days last week, but I had my family breed a few does that I needed to get bred. So, Diamond is bred to Landon. Courtney to Jordan. And Brownie to Justin. Just have to breed Abby still. But, I'll wait until I palpate these girls to see if I need to rebreed any of them.

Also got back a doe I had sold when she was a baby (Brownie). She's a chocolate sable and will be really good use with the pointed whites to get more chocolate pointed whites. Especially since her sire, Justin, is a chocolate pointed white!

Krissie's one baby that I kept out of the litter stayed with her until a little over 8 wks, since I was out of town when she turned 8 wks old. And, wow, I've never had such a fat baby. She's 8 wks old and already has a little dewlap starting, LOL. Seriously, I think Krissie had plenty of milk for all 9 babies that she was preggo with until the very end (but she only raised 2, since 7 were DOA). As soon as I got home and was out in the barn for any length of time, I weaned miss Allie. Here are a couple pics of Allie :) ~

And I'll close with a few random pictures from the barn today:

Landon eating his food this morning

Kahlua waiting for some head rubs

Miss Courtney sitting in her cage