Thursday, January 13, 2011


The bunnies are all doing well and handling this cold weather quite well. I'm very thankful that their barn is insulated this winter. It's made a huge difference. It's still gotten down to 15 degrees in there, but what can I expect when there's not a heater and the windchill is -5 degrees outside! That's the next step....getting a decent heater for next winter, so they won't get below 32 degrees. But, progress on barns can take some time :).

Thankfully it's quite a bit warmer today and is a few degrees about freezing, which is nice. So, the buns are enjoying some sunlight & fresh air in the barn today.

Krissie is bred to Landon as of the 11th. I'm planning to head outside in a few to try to breed Abby & Diamond. They both need to be bred bad, but this weather makes it fairly difficult as far as the does being receptive.

Courtney & Brownie both palpate positive. They're due the 28th.

Silence's babies are all doing great and getting so big! They are very cute babies with huge heads! I'll work on getting some pictures today, Lord willing.

Brianna's babies are just over 8 wks old. 3 of them are for sale: 1 silver tip'd black steel jr. buck, 1 black jr. buck & 1 silver tip'd sable steel jr. doe. You can see pictures & more info at the for sale page. They are very promising babies!

Well, I think that's about it for the time being!