Friday, December 10, 2010

Rabbitry Apron!

December 18th, I have a 4-county rabbit show to judge in the morning. I had bought an Apron to wear at the last show I judged, but I thought it would be better to have something that had my rabbitry name on it and all. So, after I got the call that I'd be judging a show the 18th, I decided to make up a design and order a custom apron.

It arrived today in the mail and it turned out GREAT! Colors printed good and it turned out awesome. I figured it'd be good advertising since I'll be at the show anyways wearing an apron :).

An up close version of the design:

If anyone would like a custom apron for their rabbitry, I can design it for just $10. The printing company I use is They are great and I've used them for a long time now :). The apron is about $14.00 printed through them, but you can just buy it yourself once I upload the design.



April said...

Your apron is gorgeous!

Usagi said...

nice one:)