Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby & Bun Updates

The bunnies are all doing good. The weather has been pretty nice and mellow as far as temperatures go, so the buns have been doing good. It's a foggy 50 something degrees right now, but with very little breeze, so the weather is gorgeous today. The buns are enjoying all the fresh air with the shutters open.

Judging the show on Saturday morning went well. It was a pretty small show, most likely due to the holidays. But,  it was a lot of fun and got to teach some tips to a few of the kids there. Overall Grand Champion went to a New Zealand doe who took 2nd in youth NZ at Convention. She was beautiful! Overall Reserve Champion went to a black Mini Rex. She was very pretty as well.

There was one young girl there who had a "blue New Zealand." It was either a very poorly typed blue NZ or an American. It did not pose like or look like a NZ much at all. That's one thing that bugs me, seeing kids come up to show with their rabbit and it's a horrible example of the breed. You'd think people would sell at least a little better stock to help the kids get started. But, so be it.

I also got to see a broken New Zealand. It was a beautiful rabbit, but definitely interesting to see. It's fur was so different than a regular NZ, because of the broken Satin that was bred into the NZ's several generations ago. With this particular line, it was 14 generations back that the broken Satin was bred into the NZ.

Krissie's babies are 6 1/2 wks old. You can see new pictures of them here.

Brianna's babies are almost 6 wks old, so new individual pictures of them will be coming soon, Lord willing. But, for now, here's a group picture of them :) ~

 And I'll include a couple pictures of Hoppin's Melinda, a chestnut agouti jr. doe that I'm keeping back out of one of my recent litters. Can't wait to see how she develops, she's such a promising doe.

I am also keeping a chestnut agouti doe out of Kadence's litter. Her name is Hoppin's Prudence. And the broken chocolate doe that I'm keeping out of Krissie's litter is Hoppin's Allie.