Friday, August 13, 2010

New litters, New bunnies, lots of change :)

Well, the babies, juniors and bunnies all changed a lot when I was on vacation in California for the last week and a half. The babies all got a lot bigger. The juniors are all well into their head molts now. Scotch's head looks 10x better than before I left. I know his line is slightly slow maturing, so I'm excited to see his head starting to "pop." 

The does who are due this weekend all got their nestboxes earlier in the week. And two of the does kindled this morning actually :). Britney & Nicole.

Britney had 5 babies (1 DOA) and Nicole had 7 babies. Britney's babies are 2 days early, which is what she did last time. Nicole is just a day early, which is no biggie. Pictures of their litters can be seen on the litter page.

I haven't looked at all the colors yet, but I know there are both brokens and solids. Scotch is the sire to both of these littes, so it'll be fun to see what colors we get :).

New, updated pictures are up of Kadence's litter now and they can be seen here. Her babies are almost 7 weeks old, so they will be ready to go in about a week.

Kaylee's, Molly's & Cori's litters are 5 weeks old, so they will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Also, while I was out in California, I picked up a pretty dark smoke pearl buck. He's from lines I work with, so that is a huge plus. He'll be a great addition to the pointed whites, as we work on getting dilute pointed whites. He's such a sweet and pretty boy, with a monster head ;)!

The buns are just barely surviving the intense, crazy hot weather we've been having the last couple weeks. I'm very thankful to have an air conditioned barn, but it doesn't keep it near as cool as I'd like it to be. It does keep it 15-20 degrees cooler, but when it's 104 outside with a heat index neat 115, it can get a bit warm in the barn. I'll be very glad when we're back down into the 90 degree temperatures.