Friday, August 27, 2010

The Haps At The Barn

I haven't posted here much for awhile, I know . . . I'm a slacker :).

The bunnies are all doing great. This week the weather has finally cooled down and the buns have been able to enjoy cool nights and slightly warm days in the open air, without any air conditioner. That's been nice! The buns seem to enjoy it too!

Brianna's, Sara's & Nicole's babies all have their eyes open. They are getting to the very fun age! Starting to get out of the box and all.

The colors in their litters are:

Brianna's - 1 chocolate sable chinchilla, 2 chocolate chinchillas, 3 black chinchillas
Sara's - 1 dark sable, 1 pointed white, and either 1 sable or dark smoke pearl . . . having a hard time figuring that baby out!
Nicole's - 2 broken chinchillas and 1 solid chinchilla.

The pointed white in Sara's litter was a shocker! But, it was quite a fun surprise. Since Kyle is out of a sable and a pointed white, he had a 50/50 chance of either being c(chl)c or c(chl)c(h) (carrying pointed white). And he carries pointed white. Which means, he can only throw pointed whites and never any red-eyed-whites, which is very nice, as far as I'm concerned.

James, the new bun from California, is doing great. He's settled in well and he fits in here perfectly!

Kadence's babies are just weaned. And the other 3 litters will be weaned by the end of next week hopefully. I have several babies sold or on hold and just a few left available.

Jake will be going to Jennifer & Nick at Townsend's Red River Rabbitry in a couple months, hopefully. Thanks guys :)! I'm sure you'll enjoy him  . . . I know I'll probably miss him.

Cori is still available. She is a VERY nice doe, who throws gorgeous babies and is always an *excellent* mother!

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'll work on pictures of the 3 youngest litters sooner than later, Lord willing.