Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicole's babies!

Nicole kindled to 9 babies on Thursday. I lost two - they were very tiny and I figured I'd lose them. But, Nicole seems to have plenty of milk for the rest, so they should all be good. She's taking right after her mama, Daisy, who milks like a cow, haha!

Here are a few random pictures from the barn last week when I was in there just hanging out:

The silly cat!

Carissa running around in the pen!

Cute Scotch!

Krissi & Cameron meeting each other ;)

And the last three pictures here .  . . Britney's babies . . .

Lilac chinchilla ~

Silver tip'd lilac steel ~

And the broken lynx . . . kind of a geeky picture of the baby. Oh well, will work on a better pic.