Monday, September 1, 2008

Heat Sterility in Bucks . . . true or false?

I palpated my does I bred on 8/21. 3 of the 4 palpate positive! The 4th doe, Kiss, I will have to re-palpate in a few days. She's a first-timer, so we'll see if she took.

These does were bred to my bucks who were in 90-95 degree heat for about 3 weeks! These breedings are the first breedings I've done since then. This has proven to me that heat sterility in bucks, like they claim, is totally a myth.

But, everyone claims that bucks go sterile (and will remain sterile for 3 months!) if they are in 85 degrees or above for more than 3 days.

This has never set well with me. It's never made logical sense. I've never had a problem getting does bred weeks or months after my bucks have been in hot weather.

Think about it . . . a buck's body produces a massive (several million) amount of new sperm per day. The old sperm dies off and is reabsorbed into the buck's body if he is not bred. So, how could a buck's sperm from when the weather was 95 degrees stay in his body and keep him sterile for 3 months?!! I don't believe it does.

The only truth I'll let in is that a buck may go temporarily "sterile" the day of the extreme heat. But, he will produce new sperm each day, so the "sterile sperm" cannot stay in his body for very long amount of times.

Just my opinion and thought I'd throw it out there :).

~ Qadoshyah