Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going International!

I dropped off 2 jr (5mth old) does in Tulsa with Maija from Finland. This is something that Maija & I have been working out for a few months (since Feb. or March!) and they are finally going to Finland! Maija will be flying out of Tulsa, OK tomorrow morning with the does. The does sound like they will be spoiled rotten :).

It was quite the fiasco getting the international health certificate for these does. The vet we used here in Keys, OK was nice and easy. BUT, because it is an international health certificate, it has to have a seal on it from the state vet of Oklahoma. The vet mailed the certificates to the state vet last Thursday after we had the health check done. It was supposed to be in Monday or Tuesday. It was still in Oklahoma City as of Tuesday afternoon.

We talked to the vet and told them they MUST have it shipped overnight to arrive on Wednesday, so we could take the rabbits to Maija on Thursday.

Come Wednesday, the vet still does not have the health certificate - this time it's FedEx's problem. The vet paid for overnight shipping. FedEx said it would be in around 10am on Wednesday, but then called and gave excuses and said it would be in before 10am on Thursday.

We called the vet around 9:45am this morning (Thurs) and the health certificate was not there yet. We had the vet call FedEx & they said the driver was in the town and he would call when he was heading their way. Well, he called, but the vet had to go meet him in town and get the health certificate from them. How lame is that?!

At least we were able to get the health certificate and Maija has her does and is very happy with them. We certainly learned to have this shipped overnight with UPS (NOT FedEx) way earlier in the week if we do international shipping again!

This vet (who happens to not be that far from us) has great prices on health certificates for the states (the international health cert was a pretty good price too) and they are very easy to work with when it comes to the office visit. The regular health certificate is just $15 - that's it. No office visit fee, etc. SOOOOOO much cheaper than the vets in California!

~ Qadoshyah