Monday, April 4, 2011

Kayla babies & Auction Find

The bunnies are all doing well. Yesterday (Sunday) the weather was so sunny & warm, but today has been cold, rainy & windy. That's Oklahoma for ya though!

Saturday there was a college auction here in Tahlequah and we scored on crocks for the rabbits. While they aren't specific "rabbit crocks," they are the perfect size for watering the rabbits in the freezing weather. They are about the size of the 5" crocks which go for a good $5+ each. But, we scored on these and got them for $1/each! I've been looking for these for over a year now, so it was perfect to find these! And, I got 30 of them!!

And Kayla's babies had me stumped for a bit on their color (even though I knew no other color was possible out of this cross). But, come to find out they are just very "chilled" or "frosted" pointed white babies. The frostiness will all fade to their points. Hopefully they'll have very nice dark points!

Kayla's darkest baby ~

Her "medium" baby ~

The rest of the buns are all doing well. Krissie's babies are going to their new homes. Whiskey is sold to a new breeder and left yesterday.

I bred Brianna X Scotch on the 28th, Courtney X Jordan on the 1st and Kahlua X Landon on the 1st. I'll be breeding Krissie X Landon, Shirley X Scotch & Rum X Cameron soon.

So, since I want to get to bed soon, I'll close with a nice sunset picture from the other day.



Hendricks Hearth said...

Thanks for the update on the kits- they are beautiful! I'd have never guessed they were PW until their eyes opened- what an amazing way to develop! Also, great deal with the crocks. :)