Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warmth & Babies!

Well, a lot has happened since I blogged last. Between company being over, extreme cold, blizzards & being really sick, putting up a blog post slipped out of the horizon.

But I'm back. The weather is warm again. The sun is shining. The 2' of snow has melted. The bunnies are hopping around & doing well. And babies are popping up everywhere on this little farm.

We had a couple whopper snow storms in the course of a week. Lots of cold, wind, snow, and even some ice. So, the buns are finally enjoying a clean barn with sunshine coming in.

We were dealing with frozen waters for a good couple weeks. Very thankful to not have to fill everybunny's tiny little crock anymore!

The barn kitties enjoying the sun.

Krissie was due last Friday and she kindled to 10 babies! All live & healthy babies. They are all doing great still and she is an amazing mother. She has so much milk and takes such great care of all 10 babies. I'm very thankful for such a great doe. It isn't even necessary to foster any babies to another doe, which is good because I don't have another doe due for a couple weeks.

Her 4 black babies: 1 solid black, 1 brkn black, 1 charlie black chin & 1 brkn black chin.

And her 6 (yes, SIX!) chocolate babies: 2 brkn chocolates, 3 brkn chocolate chins, and 1 charlie chocolate chin.

And then a few individual pics of the babies.

The black charlie baby.

The spotted baby.

The really heavy patterned baby.

And the chocolate charlie.

If you're interested in any of these babies, contact me to be put on the waiting list. I have quite a waiting list for these babies already.

We have 2 does due the 1st of March. Abby bred to Scotch and Rum bred to Whiskey. Both should have lots of chocolates in their litters. Then the 5th of March we have 2 more does due. Diamond bred to Landon and Brownie bred to Justin. Both should have chocolates in their litters too. Brownie hopefully will have chocolate pointed whites. Then I've got 3 more does to breed and I'll be breeding them next week hopefully.

Since I'm in a picture mood tonight, here are a few more random pictures from around the ranch today.

When I came out of the barn this evening the baby llama saw me and came running over for his rubs!

Since all the snow melted this week and it's warm, we've got green grass growing already! It so does not feel like February in North East Oklahoma.