Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bun Update

Krissie had her litter last Saturday. She was full of babies, like I thought, but she only has 2 living.

Something went wrong with her labor. The first two were born live, but then she stopped having babies. After giving her several things and letting her run around and waiting, 12 hours later she had the rest. She had 7 DOA :(. Why all DOA? I have no idea what went wrong. The babies all looked fine and healthy, so don't know what happened. I'm just glad she has 2 live babies and that she's doing good.

Her two babies are a brkn black and a brkn chocolate:

Brianna is due in two days and she has a decent amount of babies in her too. My guess is 7, as that is what she normally has, but we shall see.

Courtney is bred to Kyle, her dad. Gotta palpate her in 2 days, and I'm so hoping she took. Kyle is at Convention right now waiting to go to his new home in TN.

7 rabbits left for Convention last Tuesday with Billy & Kristi....the rabbits are headed to Washington, Georgia and Tennessee. And, I'm getting one rabbit back from Convention....more to come on her when she arrives :)!

The 5 wk old litters are all doing great and looking so cute. I'll be typing them and taking more pictures of them all in a week, Lord willing.