Monday, September 6, 2010

Cutie-Pies . . . well and random Updates

First off, there are new pictures of my 3 three week old litters on the litters page now.

Brianna's litter - click here
Nicole's litter - click here
& Sara's litter - click here

Also updated the whole website with minor updates that needed to be done.

I'm considering selling Hoppin's Kyle, my sable buck. It's a tough decision, as he is a GORGEOUS buck and throws beautiful babies. But, I'm afraid I've got too many babies out of him that I'm keeping who are all equally nice. Kyle is such a sweet little guy too.

Bred 3 does today as well:

Hoppin's Krissi X 3R's Cade - expecting chocolates in this litter!
Hoppin's Kadence X Hoppin's Scotch - again expecting chocolates in this litter!
Silent Spring's Jana X Posey's Cameron - should be a beautiful, typey litter!

I may breed one more doe, but we'll see.

And, for a few random updates . . .

My sister found this snake eating a frog yesterday morning as she almost stepped on it. Thankfully it wasn't a poisonous snake, but it sure was interesting to see him try to eat a frog that was GIANT compared to him. The frog did get away, but not sure that it lived.

And the other day I saw this dragonfly sitting ever so carefully on the edge of a piece of wood that is on the rope to open my shutters. So, I had fund taking close pictures of it!