Saturday, October 10, 2009


The weather has taken a turn and it's been quite cold this week. It's about 43 degrees outside right now. I know once winter hits, 43 will feel warm, but right now it feels pretty cold!!

It rained for about 13-15 hours straight from Thursday evening to Friday morning. Yeah, needless to say the creeks were overflowing. It was pretty windy here too and COLD, so I had to do the oh so fun job of securing all the tarps on the barn so that the wind doesn't get through to the bunnies. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well!

Because of the cold, I had to bring in Daisy's babies because they are at the age where they like to get out of the box, but they aren't big enough to get back in and they could freeze. One of Daisy's smaller babies is very hyper and likes to get out by himself, so he would very likely get WAY too cold and I'd lose him. He's the most adorable little baby too - so tiny, but with a HUGE head (that's a Deckles kid for ya ;)).

This week has been crazily busy and so will next week, but hopefully I can get some more pictures of both litters at some point next week. For now, I'll leave ya with a couple pictures of Daisy's little munchkin's (the blue & lilac chins) ~