Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New bunnies & News

Sorry, I know the site is way outdated and I have not been blogging much. We've been in the process of moving from California to Oklahoma for the past few weeks and it's been a crazy time!

The bunnies are finally settled into their new place here in Oklahoma. It was rough on some of them and it took them a couple weeks to really settle in, but they are all doing great now. I lost one of my older girls, Swissy, a week or so after we moved here. The trip was just too much for her and too stressful :(.

In the meantime, I have gotten two new bunnies. I got my doe, Milkhouse's Jenny, from Lisa that I have been waiting to get for MONTHS, about two weeks ago. Jenny's a super cute and nice doe!

I also got a little jr. buck, Silent Spring's Kaden, from Michael on my trip out to California last week. Kaden is a very nice little buck and I think he'll be great for the chocolates! Thanks Michael! Kaden made the trip out to Oklahoma great and he handled it really well.

My juniors from my last litters and my litters earlier in the year are all looking great. I am very pleased with how some of them are looking . . . others are in the ganglies pretty bad still, but they should come around :). I really like how Josh is looking. I think he may be able to replace his sire, Junior!

I will try to post pictures and update the site soon, Lord willing!


Jessica said...

Glad everything is going well.

Will you guys still make occasional trips to Cali? You could make some of the gas money up in transport =P

Qadoshyah said...

Hopefully we'll be able to make trips out to CA still. I am not sure whether they will be flying or driving out there though . . . more than likely flying, but ya never know ;).

If we do drive, transports would definitely be considered :).

~ Qadoshyah

LHHR said...

glad your trips have been safe :) did you get any pictures on the way? lol.

Qadoshyah said...

Yeah, we actually were able to get pictures on our original trip out to Cali. This last trip was a pretty fast, just get 'er done type of trip ;).

I will try to post some pictures soon. It's beautiful out here!!

~ Qadoshyah

LuLu said...

Welcome to the midwest!! So fun to have a CA friend out here! Isn't all the green (trees, grass...) amazing?!!! It's all the rain...over 45" so far this year is southwest MO. Crazy after coming from 5" a year!