Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rabbit Breeding Book Giveaway!

I received an email last week from a long time rabbit breeder in Arizona, Sarah Martin. She wrote a book about Breeding Rabbits and wanted to share it with our rabbitry and blog readers. I received a copy of the book this week (Kindle version, so it is an e-book) and read through much of it.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the book. It covered just about every aspect of breeding rabbits and was very well put together. The flow of the book was very easy to read. I could see how this would be a very beneficial resource to have for someone who is new to raising rabbits.

Sarah is offering the book for FREE from TODAY, May 11th to Wednesday, May 15th.

"How To Breed a Rabbit" is a 70 page e-Book (Kindle edition). Here's the description:

Are you thinking about breeding rabbits? Searching for a guide about raising rabbits and baby bunnies? Then this is your guide!

What You'll Find Inside: How to Breed a Rabbit - The Ultimate Guide to Bunny and Rabbit Breeding, Baby Rabbits and Rabbit Care you will learn all the secrets and tips of rabbit breeding from the top experts in the world. This complete 70 page guide takes you, step-by-step, through all the phases of rabbit breeding, from mating to birth and raising of the litter. Get your questions answered and be prepared, if something goes wrong with the birth or the babies you’ll be glad you read this book!

Download the book for free! 

Share with your friends and anyone you know who may want some helpful information on breeding rabbits.