Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Totsie kindles

Totsie was due today. I went out this morning to check on her . . .I wasn't really expecting any babies, since a lot of my does go over their due date some or have them later in the day.

I had also put tons of hay in Totsie's cage (covering the whole entire cage floor) last night before I went to bed. Tots had made no nest anywhere and had totally messed up the "nest" I had made in her box when I gave it to her. I was expecting babies to be all over the cage if she had them.

But, I came out and thankfully, she had made a beautiful nest in the box and had 8 babies in there!! All nice and healthy babies! Yay, praise the Lord! They are all chocolate colored babies, but I am not totally sure of all the colors yet. There's a few brokens and lots of solids. I think she may have a chocolate sable or two in there, but we'll see.

~ Qadoshyah